Free Download Chef Rescue – Cooking & Restaurant Management Game 2.9.8 APK MOD

Free Download Chef Rescue – Cooking Restaurant Management Game 2.9.8 APK MOD
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Your master cooking skills are needed now in a delicious cooking game!

Not every chef in restaurant games is as talented as you. So a gourmet hero is needed to enter this dash game and save their restaurants from turning sour! In this tasty time management game you need to be fast while dashing from kitchen to kitchen, cooking and assembling everything from the recipe book – from the most simple to the most exotic dishes – in all kinds of restaurants to please every gourmand!

Be a real chef hero among all restaurant games! Lend your cooking and skills in this time management game to help your fellow cooks in a tasteful cooking simulator experience. After saving their businesses in all kinds of dash game challenges, you’ll be more famous than any TV celebrity chef!

Chef Rescue is a kitchen game that will test all your knowledge in time management games. Are you ready for some restaurant games that will make you sweat? Then prepare your apron and show the word all the flavors of cooking games!

Before playing this chef game, make sure to put on your white hat. Then you are ready to cook tasty dishes from diverse cuisines to satisfy the appetite of every diner. Over 600 sizzling levels await for you in this time management game!

Spice up your cooking game with some challenges! Use your culinary secrets, learned from playing food games and cooking simulators, to end the nightmares of chefs in distress. Open the door of this flavorful dash game and sprinkle new life into various restaurants, ranging from casual to super fancy! Seafood, arabian, mexican, burger and even coffee shops can benefit from your cooking skills in chef games!

To succeed in this cooking game, you’d better upgrade your cooking appliances. Drive every restaurant’s profits through the roof and prepare to take on juicy challenges that will put your kitchen games talents to the test!

Prepare the most complex recipes available in the menu of this food game and show the world you can reheat any cooking business you put your spoon into. Your success stories will make the news and even cooks who participate in other chef games will want to take hints from you to improve their cooking simulator techniques!

But remember that you’ll need to be fast and efficient in this dash game! Explore every kitchen in the most classy restaurant game to prepare every dish with international cuisine quality and in record time!

Right after turning your stove in this kitchen game, serve the customers a 5 star dining experience composed with expertly presented meals and put the restaurants you save in all the fancy restaurant guides out there! Remember that the clients love to eat at the best places. So bring your best cooking game techniques to the table!

Become an even more efficient chef hero in dash games! Use the coins you’ll earn from your thankful struggling chefs to buy top-level cooking appliances and improve your cooking simulator strategy for your next food game challenge.

You probably already won at some chef games, but you won’t believe how fast you’ll be preparing mouth-watering dishes for your demanding clients in this specifically fast paced kitchen game. And even if they’re full, they always return to test your cooking simulator skills!

See how delicious food games are? Sharpen your knives, get ready for some chef games challenges and quench your hunger with this exquisite time management game.

Your fellow chefs are counting on you and there’s no time to waste: get cooking right now in a delicious restaurant game!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.
Bug fixes and improvements.

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