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When to Use a Pool Filling Service

When the weather is hot and you want to jump in the water to cool off, you can get a pool filling service to bring the water to your home. The water hauler will come with a big tanker truck loaded with fresh water to fill your pool. Having a professional haul the water for you means that your pool is filled faster, and you won’t have to deal with hoses that run through your yard. You can enjoy your pool sooner with your family and friends.

If your pool is steel or vinyl lined, it may be necessary to start from scratch. While a proper fill removes all steel, a vinyl liner with polymer walls may still be able to salvage the original walls. In addition to the filling process, you may need to install equipment, repair or replace your pool deck. It’s best to call your local water utility to find out whether you can get a discount on your bill or cancel the sewage fee.

If your pool is more than five years old, it may be time to have it drained and refilled. This is an essential step in the life of your pool, and can save you hundreds of dollars a year on water costs. However, if you’ve neglected your pool for years, it may be beyond repair. If you’ve neglected it, your water may have a bad chemical balance, algae, or bacteria and require a full drain and repair.

If you have a well, you can also use your pump to bring in water from the well. However, this method requires a larger pump and puts more strain on it. The pump can’t handle the added pressure from well water, and it may require more frequent backwashing. However, if you’re worried about water quality, you can fill your pool with water from the well. It can be a great option for homeowners who live in drought-stricken areas.

Firefighters can also help you with your pool filling needs. Since they have access to water, they can save lives and fight fires. Some fire departments may charge for this service, but it’s always better to ask a professional for your home or business. The risk is too high to risk your safety and that of others, so it’s best to opt for a professional service for your pool filling needs. While most fire departments will do their best to keep you safe and protected, you should avoid calling 911 unless you are sure they can handle your needs.

If you want to avoid a pool filling service, consider getting a partial fill-in. A partial fill-in will cost you about $3,000 to $7,000. The workers will remove every piece of your pool and fill in the hole with dirt or gravel. Once the hole is filled, topsoil will cover the pool’s edge. If your pool is made of fiberglass, you may want to consider a full fill-in.

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