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Reasons to Replace Parking Lot Light Poles

If your parking lot is in need of a lighting upgrade, you should consider replacing parking lot light poles. These poles often suffer from corrosion due to constant weathering. It may also be time to replace them with LED lights, which will have a longer lifespan and less maintenance. Listed below are some reasons to replace parking lot light poles. These include: – A burned out pole light bulb, or a malfunctioning ballast.

– Lighting intensity and consistency issues. Older parking lot lighting may be inconsistent and flicker occasionally. If the pole lights are older, they may not be as bright as they used to be. Additionally, they may have burned out. Older parking lot lighting may not be enough to cover a large area. Or, the parking lot may have expanded in size and now need to accommodate more parking spaces. Either way, lighting may need a change.

– A new pole will be more expensive than an old one. Concrete poles are not as durable as steel poles and are difficult to install. Additionally, they do not look as attractive as steel poles. In addition to their lack of aesthetic appeal, concrete poles are not as sturdy as steel poles. Regardless of your chosen material, make sure to consider your budget. Determine how much electricity you are willing to spend for a new pole.

– The height of parking lot light poles will differ from property to property. For small parking lots, a light pole of around 9 feet should be sufficient to illuminate the parking lot. For large parking lots, however, light poles of about 11-14 feet should be used. However, the height of your parking lot will be determined by how many lights you will need to cover the area. When choosing the right height, remember to check local regulations and requirements.

– The height of parking lot light poles will depend on the region in which you intend to install them. In rural areas, a shorter pole will certify less coverage, while a taller pole will provide the same coverage. Moreover, the mounting height of parking lot light poles can vary from 12 feet to 20 feet, and can reach up to 35 feet in some cases. This can be a great way to protect your property and keep the area safe.

– The length and type of lighting fixtures should be considered. For example, LED lights can be mounted on a standard pole or on an adjustable pole. Those that are mounted on a pole with an arm extend into the ground. However, LED lights often come with adjustable slipfitter mounts to give flexibility in lighting. In many cases, parking lot lights and street lights are used interchangeably, depending on the area that requires illumination. Street lights cast illumination from poles ranging from ten to fifteen feet high.

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